Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems

It’s no secret for those in the processing industry that most chemical processes require carefully controlled heating or cooling systems. This is because heat transfer is needed to produce the desired results in reactions or mixtures at some point of the manufacturing cycle. That’s why here at Fillworth, we are able to construct a wide variety of heat transfer systems to keep our clients’ processes running smoothly.

With our knowledge and expertise, we are able to design, rate, specify and construct a wide range of heat transfer equipment. The types of heat transfer equipment we can design includes shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers and waste gas economisers.

When designing and engineering our heat transfer equipment, we take special care to make sure that all our equipment makes the heat transfer system as efficient as possible. This is essential to make the transfer an effective process. We ensure that all our heat transfer equipment is designed to internationally recognised standards including PD5500, TEMA, and ASME VIII Division 1.

We use a number of front-end simulation methods to interrogate the process model, enabling us to arrive at the most effective solution for each heat transfer system we design and engineer. These front-end simulation methods include heat transfer analysis, HT and code rating software and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis.

Here at Fillworth, we aim for the heat transfer equipment we construct to provide the ideal solution for our customers’ processes. If you are interested in having us construct a heat transfer system for you please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page to let us know your individual requirements. We’d be happy to try to construct the right heat transfer equipment for your needs.

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